Learning is very individualistic. We all learn at our own pace, when we want to learn and have different styles for learning. Given these challenges how can we then enhance the learning experience of our students. Almost all schools follow a structured timetable and therefore this is one FullSizeRender (1)challenge that cannot be overcome easily, but what happens during that set lesson time is something that can be meticulously planned so that it benefits each learner.

Flip classroom is one such strategy that teachers can use to support learning and also teaching. The strategy is simple. Prepare reading assignments, videos, ppts in advance and share with the students before the class. This gives the students time to go over the  information at their own pace, make notes, highlight key words and phrases, indulge in preliminary research and look up meaning of new words. This then frees time in the class for teachers to have more robust conversations with their students and also address individual needs of students.

But what if students don’t have access to technology or internet or do not invest the time at home? We can still use flip learning in our classrooms! Now, instead of giving them reading/learning tasks for home, just share the reading assignment, video or ppt in class. Give them time in the classroom to read and prepare themselves.

The advantage of a flipped lesson is not in what is flipped but in allowing students to learn at their own pace and using the class time more effectively. Remember, one size does not fit all!


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